In 1995, Michelle McFarlane founded AddVal with the mission of providing excellence in medical credentialing. AddVal is a unique blend of talented individuals experienced in clinical administration, healthcare insurance and medical credentialing services. This past experience combined with a singular focus on credentialing produces unrivaled excellence in what we do.

We have a very personal touch because we value your time with patients. We do not have an automated attendant. We answer the telephone and speak to you directly. Technology and our custom tracking system are critical to our success, but answering the phone makes us instantly available when that tiny widow opens for you to have the time to contact us. Experience and personal service combined with technology allows us to deliver the vision in 1995: providing excellence in Medical Credentialing.

Michelle McFarlane, RN, MSN, MBA leads the AddVal team. Michelle received her master's degree in Nursing Administration from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989 and a master's in Business Administration/Healthcare and Finance from the Wharton School of Business in 1990. Michelle has also worked in clinical care at some of the area's leading health care facilities including University Medical Center of Princeton, Lehigh Valley Hospital Center, Cape Regional Medical Center, Easton Hospital as well as director of quality management at Keystone Healthplan East in Philadelphia, a Blue Cross/Blue Shield company.

Michelle has taught Economics in Healthcare and Nursing Administration to graduate nursing students at the University of Pennsylvania and LaSalle University. She has published articles in a number of professional journals including, MGMA's connexion, Eye World, Group Practice Journal, The Nursing Spectrum, The Meniscus Educational Institute, Dermatology Nursing and others.

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What People Area Saying...

"By the time we opened our new practice, all our credentialing was in place and ready to be sent to every agency that needed it. If we came across a new insurance carrier that did not have our credentials, all we had to do was make a single phone call and the matter was handled. Everyone in AddVal's office seemed to know the status of any pending credentials."
Steve R., DO

"The credentialing process is very complex, especially where Medicare is concerned. If you forget to cross one 't' or dot an 'i', they will kick the form back to you. I am very appreciative that AddVal has taken this onerous burden off my plate. They handle everything for me and they do an excellent job. The AddVal team adds true value to our medical practice.
Mary Ellen P., Practice Administrator

"We initially contracted with AddVal to just get our new physicians credentialed, but they did such an outstanding job, we let them take over all of our credentialing work. They reviewed our files, cataloged and verified all of our credentialing information. It was a fairly massive project. They got us back up to speed on our credentialing work and now seamlessly handle all of our existing physicians as their re-credentialing needs occur."
Julia L., Executive Director


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