For the Physician

The information required by the insurance companies to become participating and the individual states for licensure to practice is simply put … a complete capsule of your life. Do you really want that very personal information all around the office for whomever to see? AddVal guarantees complete confidentiality of your information.

One, just one, of the hundreds of pieces of information required in the constantly changing world of medical credentialing, that isn't provided, or was provided but somehow lost, results in your request for payment of services rendered to be denied… AddVal's custom computer tracking system and complete rolodex eliminates that headache.

For your safety, security and peace of mind you need and want a company that thousands of medical practitioners all over the United States depend on to keep their personal information safe and secure and their medical credentialing information up to date. You can practice in a completely safe and secure environment with total peace of mind. In fact, once we straighten everything out for your practice, if any problems appear, just let us know and they will be fixed immediately --- confidential, diligent and handled.

For the Clinical Administrator

With ALL the responsibilities you have, you cannot possibly keep up with all the rule changes, spend two hours on hold, let alone coordinate and track all the issues associated with medical credentialing. The one piece of the very complex puzzle you manage that you can count on to be 100% perfect is the medical credentialing piece you delegate to AddVal. We do realize that total peace of mind is out of the question for you, comes with the job, but hundreds of your fellow cohorts will tell you ---call AddVal, increase comfort level, reduce acid indigestion.

For the Medical Billing Company

Your expertise lies in the submission of claims for payment. You realize, of course, your efforts are restricted if all the physician credentialing or medical credentialing has not been correctly completed for each physician for EACH practice site.

The physician calls you because cash flow is a problem. The Clinical Administrator calls you because they are frustrated, - their physicians are NOT happy. Then... you become frustrated because this is not your area of expertise. Avoid the frustration and distraction for all involved and hand off the credentialing services to the experts at AddVal. You, the Clinical Administrator and the Medical Practitioner will all be glad you did.



What People Area Saying...

"By the time we opened our new practice, all our credentialing was in place and ready to be sent to every agency that needed it. If we came across a new insurance carrier that did not have our credentials, all we had to do was make a single phone call and the matter was handled. Everyone in AddVal's office seemed to know the status of any pending credentials."
Steve R., DO

"The credentialing process is very complex, especially where Medicare is concerned. If you forget to cross one 't' or dot an 'i', they will kick the form back to you. I am very appreciative that AddVal has taken this onerous burden off my plate. They handle everything for me and they do an excellent job. The AddVal team adds true value to our medical practice.
Mary Ellen P., Practice Administrator

"We initially contracted with AddVal to just get our new physicians credentialed, but they did such an outstanding job, we let them take over all of our credentialing work. They reviewed our files, cataloged and verified all of our credentialing information. It was a fairly massive project. They got us back up to speed on our credentialing work and now seamlessly handle all of our existing physicians as their re-credentialing needs occur."
Julia L., Executive Director


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