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The Dilemma - Adding a New Physician in 2 weeks:

United Therapy Centers – Feasterville, Pennsylvania

United Therapy Centers, Inc. (The Centers) is a privately-owned physical medicine and rehabilitation practice headquartered in Feasterville, PA, with offices in Philadelphia, Allentown, and Reading, PA and Atlantic City, NJ. The practice is owned and led by Ronald D. Abraham, D.O. with a support staff of four other physicians and 25 employees.

The Centers is dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care utilizing a team concept where physicians, physical therapists, and physical therapist assistants work together with patients to restore maximum physical function. Using the latest equipment and technology available for pain control and back-to-work conditioning, patients are treated as individuals with personalized care regimens tailored to their specific needs.

The Centers specialize in electromyography nerve conduction studies. These studies evaluate spinal or peripheral nerve functions to determine the level of damage to nerve or muscle structure and can be used to diagnose injuries to the neuromuscular system.

The Challenge

Pam Acker, the office manager for this busy, multi-city/state practice is required to "wear multiple hats." One of those hats is physician credentialing for the medical staff. "The amount of time it was taking me and my staff to get the credentialing accomplished was seriously affecting our other job functions. I just didn't have time to manage the practice effectively and when I drew other people into the process, it also affected their job performance. Most importantly, we were not being effective in our credentialing efforts and it was adversely affecting our reimbursement payments," Pam explained.

"In one particular situation, we were given two weeks notice that we had a new graduate physician coming onboard who needed everything – credentialing, background checks and state licenses. He was ready to go to work and we needed help fast so this physician could begin billing our insurance carriers, including Medicare," Pam added.

The Solution.

"I was literally at my wits end; I know it would have taken me six months to get this new doctor credentialed, so I called Michelle McFarlane at AddVal, Inc., a national physician credentialing firm. Michelle stepped in and took care of everything for me -- credentialing, background checks, state licenses and Medicare credentialing. The entire process was accomplished in an extremely short period of time, even the doctor could not believe how fast he received his credentials," Pam commented.

"Michelle and her staff worked with a sense of urgency as if our problems were their problems. The credentialing process was very well organized. Everything I needed to sign was tabbed, so all I had to do was sign my name. There were no stacks of forms to complete and no unending phone calls to make. When anyone from inside the practice or outside had a credentialing question, we just referred them to Michelle and her staff. I don't know where she finds her people, but they are all very knowledgeable about credentialing and helpful when you call," Pam remarked.

After AddVal's successful credentialing work at United Therapy Centers, the company took over Medicare compliance training for the practice. Pam commented, "Another added bonus of working with Michelle and AddVal is that they now do all of our Medicare compliance training. I have found that an outside source is taken more seriously when it comes to staff training. Michelle and her staff audit our charts and provide reports to the physicians. They make sure we are 'doing everything by the Medicare book' – coding-wise and privacy-wise. This training function relieves another burden from my schedule and I sincerely appreciate it."

"My final comment would be that we love them! Anything having to do with credentialing, I consult with Michelle and her staff. They are our 'go to source' for all things regarding physician credentialing," Pam concluded.

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