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Hospital Reappointments

Every two (2) years, hospitals are required to complete a reappointment process for all members of their medical staff. This reappointment process is very time consuming for both the hospital staff and the physician. Every time-limited credential (licenses, DEA, malpractice insurance, etc.) must be verified with the primary source. In addition, the physician's current immunization status must be verified.

For our clients, the annual TB evaluation (PPD or chest x-ray) together with the Hepatitis B & C, Rubella & Rubeola immunizations records are retained in our files for submission with all reappointment applications. For pediatric hospitals, additional immunization records may be needed. It is important to keep the immunization status up-to-date and accessible for all reappointment applications.

In addition, reappointments at hospitals that are not your primary hospital will often require the submission of case logs specific to the privileges being requested. Hospitals are required to maintain documentation of proficiency specific to the privileges. If the majority of your work is done at a different hospital, the case logs will provide this documentation.

Insurance/ health plan credentialing ~ Tracking reports

Some of our clients asked that the tracking report data be available to them in Excel format. We are happy to report that our tracking reports are now available in Excel format. Upon request, we can print your tracking report data in an Excel format for manipulation by your practice staff. This report includes the par status of each physician/ practitioner in your practice for each insurer. The Excel spreadsheet data can be used as you see appropriate. Please let us know if you would like the tracking report in the Excel format.

Medicare Revalidation

Please alert your physicians & practice staff that Medicare revalidations are occurring! We continue to get distress calls from our practices because the original Medicare request for revalidation was ignored. If the revalidation is not completed as requested, Medicare may deactivate your billing privileges – all claims will be denied until the revalidation is done. Do not ignore these letters!.

If you need any help with Medicare credentialing, credentialing with any commercial insurers, or you are concerned about the Medicare Revalidation, please contact AddVal for assistance
at 215-396-8972,

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