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Recredentialing & Reappointments

Over the last few months, several of our clients have been distressed by last minute – FINAL – notices of termination of hospital privileges or insurance payer participation. In each case, the physician had not responded to repeated requests for reappointment or recredentialing.

In order to avoid such distress, please be sure that all mail received from hospitals & insurers that relates to reappointment, recredentialing, provider network updates, demographic updates and the like are forwarded to us as soon as possible. If these letters are given to the physician directly, the deadlines are often missed. Please forward these requests to us!

We have visited the issue of Medicare revalidation many, many times. Medicare is revalidating ALL physicians and practices in the up coming months. This cannot be done until the Medicare request for revalidation is received. However, if the revalidation is not done, Medicare denies claims until the process is completed.

Hospital Letters by Dan Patrick

When we start working with a new client, we ask for copies of their hospital letters. At initial appointment and after reappointment, a new approval letter is issued by the hospital. We recommend that you keep a file of these reappointment letters in case they are needed.

In the past, we asked for copies of the hospital letters at reappointment but have stopped doing so because we rarely received them. If a hospital reappointment letter is needed by any of the payers, we will ask the hospital to reissue the reappointment letter.

Current, Valid Documents

Our monthly tracking report shows the effective date for each physician with each insurer/ payer for your practice. In addition, we indicate any needed documents – current malpractice insurance face sheet, license(s), DEA certificate(s), and, in some states, Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) certificate(s) are needed. Please be sure to review the tracking report carefully for all "Need Documents" – you will see which documents we need listed. Once received, we will provide the renewed documents to all insurer & hospitals whose requests we have received. (Please be sure that the physician signs the license certificates!)

It is so much easier for you to send one (1) copy of these renewed documents to us & let us forward them where needed. Another reason to turn over these worries to AddVal….

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If you need any help with Medicare credentialing or credentialing with any commercial insurers, or you are concerned about Medicare Revalidation please contact AddVal for assistance at 215-396-8972,

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