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HIPAA 2013 “Second Opinion”

On September 23, 2013, the most recent HIPAA amendments went into effect. These amendments involve new requirements for your Notice of Privacy Practices, Business Associate relationships and agreements, updates to your HIPAA Policies and Procedure Manual pertaining to the notification of Protected Health Information (PHI) breaches and the evaluation and protection of electronic PHI.

AddVal can review your current HIPAA documents for compliance and evaluate the changes made to ensure your compliance with the current requirements. As you know from the latest news, fines and settlements in relation to HIPAA concerns are only increasing – it is better to be prepared now than wait until a problem occurs. We have worked with many of our clients to create their HIPAA compliance program; let us work with you to evaluate your current program so you can rest easy – you have enough to worry about, don’t let HIPAA be another thing to keep you awake at night. Call AddVal today at 215-396-8972 to arrange a second opinion review.

Electronic Contracts

Several of the insurers (Aetna, CIGNA, United, etc.) are using electronic contracts in lieu of paper contracts. We complete these contracts for our clients because it is crucial that the practice information be exact for your billings. It is also critical that you ensure the contract is for the correct products/ plans (some of our clients have inadvertently e-signed contracts for Medicaid products when they don’t want to be participating with the Medicaid products).

Unfortunately, United Healthcare requires the physician applicant to answer detailed, personal questions in order to access their e-contracts. We have been forwarding these e-contracts to our clients for completion but there have been a lot of problems. We will now let you know when we have the e-contracts & ask that the physician call our office. While on the phone, we will work with the physician to complete the e-contracts. Hopefully, this process will be less time-consuming for you & result in better outcomes. Stay tuned…

Name Changes

Bravo Health is now called “Cigna-HealthSpring”. For those of you who have been in this business for a while, the original name was Elder Health. For our clients, you will now see this insurer called - Cigna

HealthSpring/Bravo/ElderHealth – on our tracking reports. Hopefully, this will help us all learn the new name for this company that offers Medicare Advantage, Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage, Medicaid and other health service products.

“I am never afraid of what I know”. Anna Sewell

If you need any help with Medicare credentialing or credentialing with any commercial insurers, or you are concerned about Medicare Revalidation please contact AddVal for assistance at 215-396-8972,

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