Are you...

Leaving an existing practice to start your own practice?

Finishing your training and looking to start a practice or join an existing practice?

Staying with your current employer while you set up your own practice?

Start your new practice clean and compliant so that you are paid for your services rather than having a stack of denied claims for services performed. We identify any payers your practice should consider so you can see their members and be paid. We obtain and complete all credentialing service applications to hospitals, third party payers. You…just review the agreements for each insurer and sign the paperwork! Once the information and documents are returned to AddVal, we submit and track the documents through completion with our custom tracking system. You – receive the billing numbers and proceed with submission of claims for your services. Our AVERAGE time for completion with the insurers is 67 days!

Our streamlined system is designed to make the complicated ---EASY! And our provider credentialing services will allow your practice a smooth transition instead of dealing with the headaches of bringing a new physician into your practice.


Painless TeleMedicine Credentialing

Did you know that it is illegal to practice medicine on a patient in a state where you are not licensed! In addition, you may not get paid for the services you provide.

AddVal knows each state's requirements, forms and processes, and has the contacts to get the job done. Identify the state(s) where you plan to practice telemedicine and let AddVal take it from there.

The future is now and AddVal is the only company prepared to make the credentialing issues of telemedicine…manageable. Our work with one client resulted in nineteen (19) state licenses in less than four (4) months. For another client, twenty-one (21) state licenses in the same time period.

Why telemedicine... to grow your practice. Physicians like the idea of leveraging new revenue streams from added services. But crossing state lines to deliver care often conjures up images of licensing and credentialing nightmares. Although telemedicine licensing is a tricky field to maneuver, it can be done easily and economically with the right partner on your team.

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