The overwhelming limitation to the application of your expertise in the world of telemedicine & robotics is the requirement to be licensed in the state where the patient is being treated. Whether you are using the internet to read radiology films, a robot to obtain patient data and information, there is no need to let the requirements of state licensure limit your practice's contracting for tele-medicine services.

This overwhelming limitation is easily managed by AddVal. We know the specifics for EACH state's licensure process. On-line requirements, paper requirements and more are met by AddVal's experienced staff. Provide us with the necessary documents and information required to get started and we will manage the process for you until the state license is issued. Once issued, you can watch your practice take off!

Forward thinking radiologists, neurologists, cardiologists and other specialists need this service NOW! The advantage of being licensed to practice in all fifty states is truly needed for the top specialists in their field. AddVal recognizes this and has created a new program that will license you in one or all 50 states freeing you to contract with partners anywhere, anytime.

Right Here Right Now: Ten TeleHealth Pioneers Make it Work

This iHealth Report describes how ten telehealth innovators are using electronic means to make high-quality health care available remotely. They use an array of communications instruments, from ordinary telephones and televisions to broadband connections and 3G-driven iPhones.

Click Here for the Full Report from the California HealthCare Foundation

AddVal will acquire the applications, complete them, and return the applications to you for review & signature before submission to the state licensing bureau. All applications will be mailed via UPS two (2) day mailers. Please be aware that some states require fingerprinting, photos, interviews and special testing. We identify those states for you before you apply!

Once the application and documents are submitted, AddVal will submit the verifications required and ensure those documents are submitted to the state licensing agency for primary source verifications. In addition, AddVal will monitor each applicant's progress with phone or email contact to the state licensing agency (as dictated by the state licensing agents) and provide you with a monthly tracking report. If you have NO malpractice claims and provide us with all documents and information needed, you will be licensed in all 50 stated in less than four (4) months.


You'll be represented by the best in the medical credentialing business. So you can dedicate more time to building your business and being your best!

With over 30 years in the business --we know what we're doing!

Let AddVal deal with the licensing boards for you and watch your
telemedicine contracts explode!



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